Microsoft Word 2013 Basic and Intermediate
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Participants will learn how to create documents such as letter, memo and report by using the features of Microsoft Word.

Course Outline

    Getting Started

    • Starting Microsoft Word 2013
    • The Microsoft Word 2013 Interface
    • File Ribbon Tabs
    • Microsoft Office Quick Access Bar
    • The Ribbon

      Working with New Documents

    • Create a New Document
    • Opening an Exiting Document
    • Saving a documents
    • Renaming Documents
    • Working with Multiple Documents
    • Document View – Read Mode (New!), Print Layout, Web Layout, Outline and Draft
    • Close a Document

     Editing Documents

    • Typing and Inserting Text
    • Selecting text
    • Inserting Additional text
    • Rearranging Blocks of Text
    • Deleting Blocks of Text
    • Cutting, Copying and Pasting Text
    • Undo / Redo Changes

     Formatting Text

    • Applying Styles
    • Change Font Typeface and Size
    • Font Styles and Effects
    • Change Text Color
    • Highlight Text
    • Copy Formatting
    • Clear Formatting

     Formatting Pages

    • Page Margins and Orientations
    • Apply a Page Border and Color
    • Creating Header and Footer
    • Create a Page Break
    • Controlling Where the Page Breaks

    Formatting Pages

    • Change Paragraph Alignment
    • Indent Paragraphs
    • Add Borders and Shading
    • Creating Styles
      • Creating New Styles
      • New Quick Style
      • Style Inspector
    • Change Spacing Between Paragraphs and Lines
    • Bulleted and Numbered Lists


    • Creating a Table
    • Enter Data in a Table
    • Working with Table
    • To Adjust the Width of a Column
    • Adjusting Row Height
    • Modify the Table Structure and Format a Table
    • Working with Table Mini Toolbar (New!)
    • Border Painter (New!)
    • Creating Table Formulas
    • Formula to a Cell
    • Resizing, Moving and Positioning a Table

     Proofing and Printing Documents

    • Spelling and Grammar
    • Thesaurus
    • Previewing and printing a document

    Working with Columns

    • To add columns to a documents
    • To Use Different Column Formatting on the Same Page

    Working with Graphics and Objects

    • Symbols and Special Characters
    • Equations
    • Illustrations, Pictures, Online Picture(New!) and Shapes
    • Wrapping Text – New Layout Options (New!)
    • Watermarks
    • Working with WordArts

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