Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Advanced
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Participants will learn more advanced feature of Ms Power Point 2013. Participants must know basis function of Ms Power Point 2010 or Mirosoft PowerPoint 2013 before joining this course.

Course Outline

Customize the PowerPoint Environment

  • Explore PowerPoint Window
  • Change the Default Window
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customized Save Options
  • Modify the Display and Slide Show Options
  • Customizing a Design Template

    • Set Up a Slide Master
    • Create Custom Themes
    • Work with Notes Master
    • Work with Handout Master

    Video and Audio

    • Overview of embedding a video
    • Embed a video from a file
    • Link to a video file from your presentation
    • Link to a video file on a web site
    • Play a video automatically or when clicked
    • Trim a video
    • Play your video in a shape
    • Apply special effects to your video
    • Adding Audio
    • Trim Audio
    • Set an audio file to play automatically
    • Delete audio clip


    • Change or remove an animation effect
    • Change the animation effect on an object
    • Remove specific animation effects
    • Remove all animation from a single effects
    • Remove animation from all objects on a slide
    • Disable animations from paying in Slide Show view
    • Add or remove bookmark for audio and video clip
    • Trigger an animation effect
    • Duplicate animations with the animation painter
    • Animating Smart Art

    Linking and Embedding

    • Assign an action to a built-in button or picture
    • Add an action button and assign an action
    • Add a picture or clip art and assign an action
    • Change the data in an existing chart


    • Hyperlink in the same presentation
    • Hyperlink in a different presentation
    • Hyperlink an email
    • Hyperlink a page or file on the web
    • Remove hyperlink from text or an object

    Merging, Comparing & Exporting

    • Merge and Compare
    • Export PowerPoint 2013 Presentation to video

    Sharing Presentations

    • Marking As Final
    • Permissions – Encrypting With a Password
    • Packing Presentation For  CD
    • Saving As a PDF

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    IT Centre reserves the right to reschedule the course without prior notice due to class size or unforeseen circumstances.