PC DIY In 9 Hours + Hands-on
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Who should attend?

This course is targeted at individuals who has a keen interest in computer hardware architecture and wants to build their own PC to save a bundle. Participants must be PC literate and has some basic knowledge of Windows Operating Systems and DOS Commands.

Why should they attend?

  • With the knowledge gained, they can build their own PC or upgrade it.
  • Learn about the Hardware terminology used.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Easy Hardware set up with guidance from experience trainer.
  • Practical Hands on
  • Know the Safety precautions involved

Trainer 's Profile:

  • Has been in the IT Industry for more than 5 years.
  • Experience in Hardware assembling, trouble-shooting and repairs.
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) and 
  • RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

Course Outline

Understand Computer Hardware

  • Basic component of a computer system
  • Introduction to various computer hardware
    • Processors
    • Main Board
    • Memory
    • Hard disk
    • Video Graphic Display
    • Optical Storage
    • Casing & Power Supply
  • Know the various brands available in the market.

Assembling & Disassembling a Personal Computer

  • How to go about doing it.
  • Points to take note when assembling.
  • Hints and Tip

Familiarize with the BIOS & PC Startup

  • Power On Self Test (POST)
  • Boot sequence
  • Set & Clear boot password

Simple trouble-shooting techniques

Buying & Support Tips

Safety notes and Cautions

Practical Labs

Register online @ http://one.pa.gov.sg

SDF Applicant, please register @ https://www.skillsconnect.gov.sg

IT Centre reserves the right to reschedule the course without prior notice due to class size or unforeseen circumstances.