Enhancing Webpage Design Using Javascript
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Programming JavaScript into your HTML webpages to produce a powerful dynamic HTML (DHTML) effects.


This basic course covers the mechanics and the key concepts of JavaScript and illustrates it's usage and application in today web design. It will arm the attendee with the necessary skills to create highly dynamic and interactive web pages.

Teaching Approach:

There will be brief lecture presentation interspersed with examples, demonstration and hands-on exercises. Case Studies will be used to reinforce participants learning of the topics covered.

Who Should Attend:

This course is for anybody who has keen interest in web design and wishes to enhance their webpages with dynamic effects. Those who are interested to setup eCommerce online Shopping site may find some tips on how to do it here.


You should preferably completed:

  • C language
  • HTML or have practical programming experience

Course Outline

  • Objects and Events
  • Data types, Operators and Control statements
  • Performing Mathematics
  • Mouse Events
  • Windows and Frames
  • Forms
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Cookies
  • Animation


Register online @ http://one.pa.gov.sg

SDF Applicant, please register @ https://www.skillsconnect.gov.sg

IT Centre reserves the right to reschedule the course without prior notice due to class size or unforeseen circumstances.