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Duration : 9 hrs

Platform : Windows

Course Outline

Introduction to HTML

  • What is HTML
  • How HTML works

File Handling

  • Create a new HTML document
  • Saving a HTML document
  • Opening a HTML document
  • Loading a HTML document in a local browser

HTML Language

  • Basic HTML tags
  • Text Tags
  • Format a Paragraph
  • Font tag and its attributes
  • Incorporate Graphics

Different Types of Lists

  • Order Lists
  • Inordered List
  • Definition List

Creating Links

  • Text Links
  • Electronics Mail Links
  • Graphical Links
  • Links within Documents

Changing Background

  • Electronics Mail Links
  • Graphical Links

Handling of Tables

  • Electronics Mail Links
  • Graphical Links


  • Basic Frames
  • Changing Frames Attributes

Uploading Files to WEB Server

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Upload and View WEB page from internet

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