Adobe Flash CS6
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Platform : Windows

Course Objective

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge of Adobe Flash CS6 by creating simple drawings, learning how to perform frame by frame animation, working with Frames and Multiple layers, incorporating sound and video through importing graphics and publishing Flash file.

  1. Getting Acquainted with Flash
        • Opening Flash for the First Time
        • Using Flash Panels
        • Understanding Flash File Types
  1. Drawing Shapes in Flash
        • Drawing Standard Shapes
        • Understanding Merge VS. Object Drawing
        • Drawing Primitive Shapes
        • Drawing Polygonal or Star Shapes with the PolyStar Tool
        • Deco Tool
        • Drawing Other Shapes
        • Working with color in Flash
  1. Getting Started with the Timeline
        • Becoming Acquainted with the Timeline
        • Adding Different Frame Types to Your Animation
        • Copying and Deleting Frames
        • Organizing Your Work with Layers
        • Aligning Objects with Snapping
  1. Working with Flash Symbols
        • Creating Graphics Symbols
        • Using the Library
        • Creating Button Symbols
        • Creating Movie Clip Symbols
        • Creating and editing Symbol Instances
  1. Developing Simple Flash Animations
        • Creating a Frame-by-Frame Animation
        • Differentiating between a Stage Animation and Movie Clip


  2. Using Tweens
        • Creating Shape Tweens
        • Creating Motion Tweens
        • Understanding Classic Tweens


  3. Working with Audio
        • How to import sound file
        • How to insert sound file


  4. Working with video
          • How to insert video
          • Understanding Supported Flash Video Types

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