Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
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Platform : Windows

Course Objective

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge of Dreamweaver CS6 by learning the following, how to use the software to create webpages, mastering the spry frameworks, working with tools to add text and insert tables, previewing webpages in Browser, managing flash multimedia and publishing them to the web.

    1. Getting Started with Dreamweaver
      • Introducing the World Wide Web
      • Explore the Many Ways to Design a Web Page
      • Plan Your Website
      • Start Dreamweaver on a PC
      • Tour the Dreamweaver Interface on a PC
      • Show or Hide Features
      • Exit Dreamweaver

    2. Setting Up Your Website
    • Define a New Website
    • Create A new Web Page
    • Add a Title to a Web Page
    • Save a Web Page
    • Preview a Web Page in a Browser
    1. Exploring the Dreamweaver Interface
      • Choose a Workspace Layout
      • Customize the Document Window
      • Format Content with the Property Inspector
      • Open a Panel
      • Open and Customize the Insert Panel
      • Set Preferences
    1. Formatting and Styling Text
      • Create a Heading
      • Create Paragraphs
      • Create Line Breaks
      • Indent Paragraphs
      • Create Lists
      • Insert Other Special Characters
      • Copy Text from Another Document
    1. Working with Images and Multimedia
      • Insert an Image into a Web Page
      • Wrap Text around an Image
      • Add Space around an Image
      • Crop an Image
      • Resize an Image
      • Open an Image in an Image Editor
      • Add a Background Image
      • Change the Background Color
      • Change Text Colors
      • Insert a Flash File
      • Insert a Flash Video File
      • Create a Rollover Image
      • Insert a Youtube Video
    1. Creating Hyperlinks
      • Link to Other Pages in Your Website
      • Link to Another Website
      • Using an Image As a Link
      • Create a Jump Link with a Page
      • Create a Link to Another File Type
      • Create a Link Using the File Panel
      • Open a Linked Page in a New Browser Window
      • Create an Email Link
      • Check Links
      • Change the Color of Links on a Page
    1. Adding and Editing Tables
      • Insert a Table into a Web Page
      • Insert Content into a Table
      • Change the Background Color of a Table
      • Change the Cell Padding in a Table
      • Change the Cell Spacing in a Table
      • Insert a Table inside a Table Cell
      • Change the Alignment of Cell Content
      • Insert or Delete a Row Column
      • Split or Merge Table Cells
      • Change the Dimensions of a Cell
      • Change the Dimension of a Table
      • Using Percentages for Table Width
      • Format a Table with CSS
    1. Using Library Items and Templates
      • Tabbed Panels
      • Accordions
      • Collapsible Panels
    1. Add Flash and Other Multimedia
      • Flash: An Introduction
      • Automate the Flash Download
      • Add Flash videos
    1. Introducing Site Management
      • The Structure of a Website
      • Site Assets
    1. Testing Your Site
      • Site Launch Checklist
      • Previewing Web Pages in Browser
    1. Moving Your Site to the Internet
      • Adding a Remote Server
      • Transferring Files


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