Skillsfuture@PA Video Editing
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Duration : 16 hrs

Course Outline

Software: DaVinci Resolve (FREE professional software)

  • Video editing fundamental:
  • Application of video editing
  • Understand digital video editor interface and workflow.
  • Capture and organise video footage
  • Video files conversion
  • Create video¬† sequence with multiple video footages.
  • Crop video
  • Speed up and slow down the frame rate
  • Apply transition effects
  • TASK: Create a short video with sound track.
  • Multiple track editing and video titles
  • Manipulate the color and transparency of text.
  • Videoo title animation
  • TASK: Create text video sequences with multiple tracks
  • Create video animation and effects:
  • Apply animation techniques
  • Incorporate visual effects
  • Apply chroma key “Superman effect”
  • TASK: Creaate video effect and render output.


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IT Centre reserves the right to reschedule the course without prior notice due to class size or unforeseen circumstances.