Post Process Your Photos with Adobe Camera Raw 9
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Many cameras save photos in a raw format; it's the best way to capture all the data the sensor is capable of recording. This course teaches you how to get the most from that data, using the raw-format processing power of Adobe Camera Raw 9 plugin. Camera Raw 9 enables an exceptional degree of control over the exposure, color, sharpness, and other characteristics of raw-format files. You'll be taught how to master Camera Raw's features, improve and correct exposure problems, crop and recompose photos, and create compelling black-and-white conversions of full-color photographs and take your images from raw files to polished photographs.

This course doesn’t require any knowledge on Adobe Photoshop. This 15 hours course is filled with real example with photos for hands-on practice.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll be able to work with Camera Raw's rich feature set and its flexible non-destructive work environment to make tonal and color corrections fix common problems such as cropping and correcting perspective and enhanced detail and contrast to make your images come alive to achieve the final perfection of the photo.


  • Participants will know how to organizing and maintaining their images using Adobe Bridge
  • Participants will know what is Raw file and its benefits
  • Participants will know how to convert their native Raw file into DNG file
  • Participants will know how to post process their Raw files in Adobe Camera Raw
  • White balance correction
  • Cropping and straightening images
  • Correcting and enhancing exposure
  • Enhancing colors, etc

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who love to take photos and wish to know more about Raw file and its benefits.
  • Anyone who are a photographer who wish to learn how to post process their Raw files.
  • Anyone who want to learn how to organize and maintain their images.
  • Anyone who want to learn a fast and efficient workflow to post process their images.

Course Outline

Adobe Bridge - Introduction to Adobe Bridge CS6
About Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge - Exploring the Bridge Interface

Adobe Bridge - Viewing Images

Adobe Bridge - Purging Cache

Adobe Bridge - Importing Images from the Media

Adobe Bridge - Organizing Files

Adobe Bridge - Metadata

Camera Raw - Introduction to Adobe Camera Raw 9

Camera Raw - Opening Files in Adobe Bridge

Camera Raw - Zooming and Panning

Camera Raw - Using Snapshots

Camera Raw - Evaluating with Histogram

Camera Raw - Previewing and Resetting

Camera Raw - Recomposing, Cropping and Straightening

Camera Raw - Working with Basic Adjustments

Camera Raw - Using Tone Curve Adjustments

Camera Raw - Retouching Image

Camera Raw - Adjustment Brush Tool

Camera Raw - Graduated Filter Tool

Camera Raw - Working with Details

Camera Raw - Using HSL Controls

Camera Raw - Split Toning Controls

Camera Raw - Lens Corrections

Camera Raw - Effects

Camera Raw - Presets


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