MOS - Access 2016
Core Database Management, Manipulation, and Query Skills

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21 Hours

Course Objectives (Exam 77-730)

Successful candidates for the Access 2016 exam have a fundamental understanding of the application’s environment. They understand basic database design principles and are able to complete tasks independently. They know and demonstrate the correct application of the principle features of Access 2016, and will demonstrate the ability to create and maintain basic Access database objects including tables, relationships, data entry forms, multi-level reports, and multi-table queries

Course Outline

1. Create and Manage A Database


1.1 Create and Modify Databases

1.1.1 Create a blank desktop database

1.1.2 Create a database from a template

1.1.3 Create a database by using Import objects or data from other sources

1.1.4 Delete database objects


1.2 Manage Relationships and Keys

1.2.1 Create and modify relationships

1.2.2 Set the primary key

1.2.3 Enforce referential integrity

1.2.4 Set foreign keys

1.2.5 View relationships


1.3 Navigate through a Database

1.3.1 Navigate specific records

1.3.2 Create and modify a navigation form

1.3.3 Set a form as the startup option

1.3.4 Display objects in the Navigation Pane

1.3.5 Change views of objects


1.4 Protect and Maintain Databases

1.4.1 Compact a database

1.4.2 Repair a database

1.4.3 Back up a database

1.4.4 Split a database

1.4.5 Encrypt a database with a password

1.4.6 Recover data from backup


1.5 Print and Export Data

1.5.1 Print reports

1.5.2 Print records

1.5.3 Save a database as a template

1.5.4 Export objects to alternative formats


2. Build Tables


2.1 Create Tables

2.1.1 Create a table

2.1.2 Import data into tables

2.1.3 Create linked tables from external sources

2.1.4 Import tables from other databases

2.1.5 Create a table from a template with application parts


2.2 Manage Tables

2.2.1 Hide fields in tables

2.2.2 Add total rows

2.2.3 Add table descriptions

2.2.4 Rename tables

2.3 Manage Records in Tables

2.3.1 Update records

2.3.2 Add records

2.3.3 Delete records

2.3.4 Append records from external data

2.3.5 Find and replace data

2.3.6 Sort records

2.3.7 Filter records


2.4 Create and Modify Fields

2.4.1 Add fields to tables

2.4.2 Add validation rules to fields

2.4.3 Change field captions

2.4.4 Change field sizes

2.4.5 Change field data types

2.4.6 Configure fields to auto-increment

2.4.7 Set default values

2.4.8 Using input masks

2.4.9 Delete fields


3. Create Queries


3.1 Create a Query

3.1.1 Run a query

3.1.2 Create a crosstab query

3.1.3 Create a parameter query

3.1.4 Create an action query

3.1.5 Create a multi-table query

3.1.6 Save a query


3.2 Modify a Query

3.2.1 Rename a query

3.2.2 Add fields

3.2.3 Remove fields

3.2.4 Hide fields

3.2.5 Sort data within queries

3.2.6 Format fields within queries


3.3 Create Calculated Fields and Grouping within Queries

3.3.1 Add calculated fields

3.3.2 Set filtering criteria

3.3.3 Group and summarize data

3.3.4 Group data by using comparison operators

3.3.5 Group data by using arithmetic and logical operators


4. Create Forms


4.1 Create a Form

4.1.1 Create a form

4.1.2 Create a form from a template with application parts

4.1.3 Save a form


4.2 Configure Form Controls

4.2.1 Move form controls

4.2.2 Add form controls

4.2.3 Modify data sources

4.2.4 Remove form controls

4.2.5 Set form control properties

4.2.6 Manage labels

4.2.7 Add sub-forms


4.3 Format a Form

4.3.1 Modify tab order

4.3.2 Configure Print settings

4.3.3 Sort records by form field

4.3.4 Apply a theme

4.3.5 Control form positioning

4.3.6 Insert backgrounds

4.3.7 Insert headers and footers

4.3.8 Insert images


5. Create Reports


5.1 Create a Report

5.1.1 Create a report based on the query or table

5.1.2 Create a report in Design view

5.1.3 Create a report by using a wizard


5.2 Configure Report Controls

5.2.1 Group and sort fields

5.2.2 Modify data sources

5.2.3 Add report controls

5.2.4 Add and modify labels


5.3 Format a Report

5.3.1 Format a report into multiple columns

5.3.2 Add calculated fields

5.3.3 Control report positioning

5.3.4 Format report elements

5.3.5 Change report orientation

5.3.6 Insert header and footer information

5.3.7 Insert images

5.3.8 Apply a theme


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